2012 in review

2012 was an OK year in terms of what I achieved in the academic side of things. Besides almost getting done with my undergrad requirements for a Masters in Civil Engineering, I also took a few machine learning and signal processing classes. I also sat for my PhD qualifiers exams.

In terms of publications, here’s what I did this year :

1. Submitted a paper in EG-ICE 2012 for automated training in NILM using EMF sensors. Won Best Paper (mostly because of Mario’s presentation skills)
2. The paper was invited for AEI journal. So, we extended it and submitted it. The reviews are back and we are in process of working out the kinks.
3. Submitted a paper for Buildsys 2012 on using plug meters to first automatically identify appliances and then do demand response on that. Didn’t get through. We are in process of converting that to a journal paper for JCCE.
4. Submitted a paper on using EMF sensors as event detectors to ICCPS 2012.
5. Submitted an abstract and wrote a paper for ISARC 2013 based on the work I did on NILM (power estimation) while I was at Samsung.
6. Submitted an abstract on using blind source separation techniques to tackle cross talk in EMF sensors for EG-ICE 2013.
7. I also wrote a proposal for PG&E dataset to apply collaborative filtering techniques to provide energy recommendations to users. It did not get accepted either.

Here’s a short video that reviews the current state of NILM that I made last night.

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